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Global lithium rechargeable battery market worth $20.5 billion, 13% increase in 2015 from the previous year
Last year, the global market value of lithium rechargeable batteries was 18.1 billion dollars, 15% increase from 15.7 billion dollars in 2013. According to SNE Research, the market is projected to reach 20.5 billion dollars with 13% increase in 2015 thanks to the growth of large and medium-sized batteries for electric vehicles, Energy Storage System (ESS), etc. ...
Samsung SDI of South Korea ranked first for small-sized lithium secondary battery shipments in 2014 with 20.5%
In a situation in which the Chinese corporates chasing right behind the Korean manufacturers in the field of small-sized lithium secondary battery, Beejay Kim, the director of SNE Research emphasized that it is necessary to raise the market on medium and large sized secondary battery used in vehicles in order to retain the initiative in the lithium battery market. ...
China rises as the major supplier for four main rechargeable battery components
China is supplying an ever-increasing share of four main battery parts - anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte - to Korean rechargeable battery makers like LG Chem, Samsung SDI etc. ...
LG Chem and Samsung SDI are expected to take the lead in the EV battery patent
Of 4,427 cases of valid patent, LG Chem ranked the top with 757 cases (17.1%), followed by Samsung SDI with 528 cases (11.9%). In the recently released trend report on the EV battery patent, SNE Research( provided the number of valid patent per manufacturer. ...
S.Korean companies to seek profit in Korea, Chinese and Japanese secondary battery market in 2017
SNE Research forecasts S. Korean secondary battery companies to seek profit in 2017. One of famous newspapers in S. Korea 'Chosun' broadcasted our forecasts. ...
Samsung SDI takes the first place in IT LIB shipments with 1.1B cells in 2012
According to SNE Research, the shipment for LIB used for IT was 4.9 billion cells in 2012 where Samsung SDI contributed 1.1 billion taking the first place with 22.4% market share. LG Chemical shipped 725 million cells following Japan Panasonic, ranking third with 14.8% market share. ...
Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Cell ready for mass production
- Thin-film solar cell applicable in various fields to expand in market size.- - Organic photovoltaic cell to be mass produced for small mobile application and BIPV. - Mass production to start in 2015 from 94MW and expect to reach 1GW by 2020 showing sharp market growth ...
SiC wafer market to open with power semiconductor market
SiC Single Crystal Technology Trend and Market Forecast (2010 ~ 2020) - SiC wafer market to open with power semiconductor market As the worldwide energy crisis and environment pollution problem continue to rise, attention is increasing for environmentally friendly high efficient power semiconductor which is able to conserve electricity. ...
Remote phosphor patents of LED lighting, led by foreign and patent troll companies
In the field of LED where patent dispute is intensifying, Korean companies have been struggling to break through patent barriers of remote phosphor technology. Major companies of Korea are still far behind remote phosphor which is recognized as an essential technology in LED lighting which increases white light efficiency to approximately 30% compared to the existing LED while minimizing heat generation and light loss. ...
Samsung purchases 3 times more lithium secondary batteries for mobile phones than Apple
It is found that Samsung purchased three times more lithium secondary batteries for mobile phone application than Apple in the first half of 2012. This suggests that Samsung produced and shipped about three times more mobile phones than Apple, considering that one secondary battery is generally required for producing one mobile phone. ...
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