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2015 4 월 2015 Lithium Ion Battery Leading Technology and Competitiveness Analysis Conference held
3 월 2015 Korea Energy Storage Conference held
2014 12 월 Joined Electric Vehicle Leaders Forum as board member
11 월 Joined Future Energy Forum's renewable department as board member
10 월 KABC 2014, Korea Advanced Battery Conference 2014 held
10 월 Feasibility Study of PV Systems in Deserts
8 월 Conduct Consulting Services to Major Battery Companies
7 월 HR department was established
5 월 Market Analysis and Forecast for 6 Major Industries in Korea
2 월 Business Model Consulting for Offshore Wind
2013 12 월 2014 Touch Industry and Technology forecast seminar held
11 월 ESS Market Outlook & Business Opportunities seminar held
10 월 KPC 2013, Korea Photovoltaic Conference 2013 conference held
9 월 Latest Single Substrate Technology & Market Analysis seminar held
6 월 Annual Korea OLED Workshop 2013 seminar held
5 월 2013 Korea Advanced Battery Conference held
3 월 In-Depth Seminar : Large-sized OLED TV Market Forecast and Technologic Issues Analysis seminar held
3 월 Secondary Battery Cathode Technology Trends & Market Forecast seminar held
2012 6 월 The company’s name has changed to SNE Research. Co., Ltd.
7 월 4th Korea Photovoltaic Conference(KPC 2012) held.
4 월 4 Selected as an institution of establishing Germany Database for foreign operation investment a
4 월 Korea Electric Vehicle and Battery Conference(KEBC2012) held.
3 월 Selected as a partner for Korea energy component, material and equipment's R&D master plan(KIER)
2011 11 월 LED Lighting” Seminar held.
9 월 Korea Electric Vehicle and Battery Conference(KEBC2011)
7 월 3rd Korea Photovoltaic Conference(KPC2011) held.
5 월 Korea Thin Film Solar Cell Conference held.
4 월 Selected as an Organization of Korea Initiative (KOTRA).
3 월 Selected for overseas company's database establishment for Korea investment(KITIA)
Korea Photov
2010 9 월 Rechargable Battery Application Market Analysis Conference held.
5 월 Incorporated to Solar&Energy Co. Ltd. and Mr. Kim Kwang-Ju assigned to CEO of the company.
4 월 Selected as a parter for Daegu City's green energy investment project
4 월 Selected for German company's database establishment (KITIA)
4 월 Selected as a parter for foreign direct investment with KITIA
4 월 Global PV Market and Technology Trend Conference held.
2 월 Selected as a parter for domestic component and material M&A project (KITIA)
2009 11 월 Battery and EV Market Forecast Conference(KABC) held.
10 월 10 Photovoltaic conference at the 29th Korea Green Energy Show (managed by MKE, operated by KEMCO)
6 월 1st Korea Photovoltaic Conference(KPC2009) held.
5 월 Selected as a partner for Japan IR(KITIA).
5 월 Investigation and Promotions to attract businesses and industry for Daegu City
3 월 PV educational seminar held
3 월 Multifunctional Adminstrative city renewable energy investment feasibility study and investment stra
2008 12 월 Korean new and renewable energy industry statistic analysis project performed (MKE, KEMCO).
11 월 Korean and English version of the Solar&Energy website opened (
9 월 2009 Photovoltaic Market Forecast Conference held.
6 월 Solar&Energy department newly organized
3 월 Photovoltaic Education and Market Analysis Conference held
1 월 Photovoltaic Development Technology Trend and Forecast
2007 5 월 To Start the Photovotaic Research & Consulting
1999 6 월 Establishment of Displaybank for Display Research and Consulting