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CEO Message

We take our customers’ value most importantly and would like to become a global “Research & Consulting” firm, competing alongside with global researching agencies worldwide.

Hello and welcome everyone who has visited our website.
SNE Research aims to provide professional researching and consultations on newly arising global energy industries, in the change of trend, where it’s big paradigm moving from using chemical fuel to environment-friendly energy.

We provide in-depth research and consultations on the fields of renewable energies, storage and effective utilization of energies such as rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, ESS, Smart-rid applications and development of the green-energy which can alter the usage of fossil fuels that are related to solar and wind batteries. Lightings including LED, and OLED are expected to grow further as future industry in terms of its energy reduction and efficiency and are one of the major axis of SNE Research.

SNE Research has the vision of ‘differentiated researching and consultation agency to grow with our customers globally’. Based on this vision, we are continuously challenging new areas for the future, and based on our social networks and differentiated DNA factors, all of our employees are doing our best together in order to grow further in the global researching & consultation industry.

Me and my colleagues will do our best to contribute for development of the green-energy industry with in-depth and reliable market data, and promise you to do our best to maximize the value and accomplishment of our customers by providing necessary analysis/study report in a timely manner.

Thank you.