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TOP 10 Global EV Battery Installation in 2021
  • Date  2022-02-27

Global EV Battery Installation in 2021

CATL continued its lead in battery usage rankings for global electric vehicles (BEV, PHEV, HEV) sold in 2021. LG Energy Solution took second place and SK On is strengthening its annual cumulative 5th position. 


In 2021, the total amount of battery energy for electric vehicles registered in countries around the world was 295.9GWh, nearly 2 times higher than the same period of the previous year.  



For EV battery installation in 2021, CATL surged 2.7 times as 96.6GWh and maintained the No.1 position. LGES recorded 60GWh, a 1.7-fold increase compared to last year, and ranked second in the same period the previous year. SK On surged 2 times as 16.6GWh and ranked 5th, up to one place from the same period last year. Samsung SDI rose 62% to 13.1GWh, but ranked 6th. 


Written by maron | 2022-02-27