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Top 10 OEMs for Electric Vehicle Sales in September 2021
  • Date  2021-11-05

In September 2021, global EV (electric vehicle) sales were about 1.07 million units. This is a 55% increase from the worldwide EV sales of 690,000 units in 2020.


Looking at global electric vehicle sales by type, the sales volume of BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), and PHEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicle) all increased significantly compared to the previous year. BEV increased considerably in particular.



Global EV sales by OEM were followed by Toyota, Tesla, BYD, Hyundai, Shanghai GM Wuling, Suzuki, and Nissan. Excluding HEV, global BEV and PHEV sales volume was followed by Tesla, BYD, Shanghai GM Wuling, BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Kia.


Written by maron | 2021-11-05