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<2020> Global LIB Line Expansion Outlook (~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2020-05-07
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  264p
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<2020> Line New Installation and Expansion Outlook of Global LIB Battery (~2030)



The global electric motor vehicle market is growing rapidly, and demand is exploding in various industries related to electric motor vehicles such as battery industry, material industry and part etc., and is growing together in proportion to the growth of electric motor vehicles. The electric vehicle market is continuing to grow based on each country's policies to supply electric motor vehicles, in particular, China is leading the market by country on the back of the government's strong support and policies, which is roughly more than half of the global total volume. Recently, it is predicted that European electric motor vehicle markets will continue to grow due to carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction policy. Global automobile companies exclude diesel vehicles from new European-selling models and are stepping up its preparations by increasing the proportion of electric motor vehicles. In line with this, three domestic battery companies and traditional strong players - China's CATL, BYD and Japan's Panasonic etc. - are increasingly competing to win orders to supply batteries, and some Chinese companies that failed to secure leadership have gone bankrupt, while others at the top, including CATL, are showing aggressive production capability expansion plans, and the battery industry is paying keen attention to the emergence of new manufacturing companies in Europe etc. where demand is increasing.




Amid some tumbling Chinese and global electric motor vehicle battery market due to shrinking demand caused by COVID-19 and plunging international oil prices, South Korean battery makers are making aggressive investments. This is because it is widely expected that demand for electric motor vehicles will quickly recover from the second half of the year, especially in European and Chinese markets, if the COVID-19 situation subsides somewhat. Compare to China's CATL and BYD, which are mainly focused on supplying domestic demand, and Japan's Panasonic, which is heavily dependent on Tesla, The three domestic companies, LGC, SDI, SKI, etc., carried out aggressive expansion and investment, resulting in orders from European OEMs and global OEMs. In addition, they are actively promoting strategies to supply customers by expanding their factory lines by major global hubs such as China, the United States and Europe.


In the future, the electric motor vehicle battery market is expected to be to be the key to the market leadership battle, success of an aggressive expansion plan to defend the market share of major battery companies in Korea, China and Japan, and the securing of new orders and supply capacity of new participating companies centered on Europe.


This report described Production capability status and expansion outlook by LIB Maker(2015~2030) in detail, and contains Trend of Automobile OEM battery internalization /Pilot line and Propulsion trend of electric motor vehicle/ battery production expansion by country. In addition, it described Supply outlook by LIB Maker by manufacturing country, production region, and type, and lastly, it predicted LIB medium-and long-term supply outlook based on demand for electric motor vehicles by expected supply scenarios. Major research companies for LIB Maker are three in Korea, seven in Japan, ten in Europe, five in USA, and thirty in China.




Strong point of this report


- It is possible to see at a glance the production base and production capability trend of global battery company between 2015 and 2030.


- It is possible to know each company’s battery production capability expansion plan due to the expansion of the battery market for electric motor vehicles.


- It is possible to know the number of production line and production capability trend by battery type and production capability of battery company.


- It is possible to know expansion plan by base of battery company, cooperative relationship of automobile OEM, and recent trend.


- It is possible to obtain the details on major battery company in Korea, China, Japan, USA and Europe.


- It is possible to know the medium-and long-term production capability supply and demand outlook of battery company by market scenario (COVID-19 impact).


- It is possible to know battery internalization of major automobile OEM and production expansion plan by country.



1. Production capability status and expansion outlook by LIB Maker


     1.1 Global LIB Production capability status (by use, type)


     1.2 Production plan of Korean makers by base and type

        1.2.1 Samsung SDI

        1.2.2 LG Chem

        1.2.3 SK Innovation

        1.2.4 Others  


     1.3 Production plan of Japanese makers by base and type

        1.3.1 Panasonic

        1.3.2 AESC

        1.3.3 Murata(Sony)

        1.3.4 PEVE

        1.3.5 LEJ

        1.3.6 BEC

        1.3.7 HVE

        1.3.8 Others



    1.4  Production plan of European makers by base and type


        1.4.1   Northvolt                                                  


        1.4.2   VW-Northvolt Joint Venture


        1.4.3   Leclanche


        1.4.4   SAFT


        1.4.5   BMZ(Terra E)


        1.4.6   Freyr


        1.4.7   Litec(Accumotive)


        1.4.8   Batscap


        1.4.9   InoBat


        1.4.10  Others                                                              


     1.5 Production plan of USA makers by base and type


        1.5.1 Tesla


        1.5.2 A123


        1.5.3 Microvast


        1.5.4 Johnson Controls


        1.5.5 Wildcat                                                        


     1.6  Production plan of Chinese makers by base and type


        1.6.1   CATL

        1.6.2   BYD

        1.6.3   Guoxuan

        1.6.4   Lishen

        1.6.5   EVE

        1.6.6   CALB

        1.6.7   Farasis

        1.6.8   BAK

        1.6.9   Sunwoda

        1.6.10  Car ENE

        1.6.11  Great Power

        1.6.12  Dfdxny

        1.6.13  Soundon

        1.6.14  JEVE

        1.6.15  TAFEL

        1.6.16  Yinlong

        1.6.17  MGL           


        1.6.18  Wanxiang


        1.6.19  Guoneng


        1.6.20  Svolt


        1.6.21  First Battery


        1.6.22  SHIH


        1.6.23  Camel


        1.6.24  WINA


        1.6.25  Dynavolt 


        1.6.26  Tianneng


        1.6.27  CNM Power


        1.6.28  Xingheng


        1.6.29  Coslight


        1.6.30  ATL


        1.6.31  Others


2. Trend of Automobile OEM battery internalization/Pilot line   

     2.1  VW

     2.2  Daimler

     2.3  BMW

     2.4  Tesla

     2.5  PSA

     2.6  Hyundai-Kia

     2.7  Toyota



3. Trends in the Expansion of xEV/Battery Production


     3.1  Trends by region (policy)


        3.1.1  China


        3.1.2  Europe


        3.1.3  USA


     3.2  Trends by country


        3.2.1   Norway


        3.2.2   Sweden


        3.2.3   France


        3.2.4   Germany


        3.2.5   United Kingdom


        3.2.6   India


        3.2.7   Philippines


        3.2.8   Indonesia





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