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<2020>Lithium Ion Battery Conductive Additive Technology Trend and Market Forecast (~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2020-03-02
  • Published cycle : Special
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<2020> Lithium Ion Battery Conductive Additive Technology Trend and Market Forecast (~2030)




Recently, while the global Li-ion secondary battery market has been gradually expanding, the needs for demand are increasing in the secondary batteries that not only have the high capacity and power output but also can be rapidly charged. In terms of the success in the Li-ion secondary battery market which is explosively increasing, the properties of conductive additives, the adjustment of the use ratio of conductive additives, etc. are expected to be the keys.




The Li-ion secondary battery industry has been proceeding with its R&D into the direction where conductivity could be optimized while minimizing the amount of conductive additives which are put into cathode and anode materials; thereby, manufacturers of conductive additives are performing their R&D to improve electrical conductivity, processability, purity, and thermal conductivity.




This report contains the contents which could show how the flow of Li-ion secondary batteries will change, by examining the types, features, development directions, etc. of conductive additives and by introducing the market outlook for conductive additives by application and type and the trends of major manufacturers of conductive additives.




Chapter 1 described the types, manufacturing methods, and usage of conductive additives;


Chapter 2 forecasted the required characteristics and development trends of Li-ion secondary batteries;


Chapter 3 viewed the characteristics of each product and development trends for conductive additives;


Chapter 4 forecasted the market and prices by type of conductive additives; and


Chapter 5 introduced the status for major manufacturers of conductive additives.




The Li-ion secondary battery, EV, and ESS markets are new growth engines where future growth is surely secured. We hope the SNE Research's investigations on the development trends and market outlook for conductive additives will be useful information for battery producers, material suppliers, and customers using the Li-ion secondary batteries.




1. Outline of Conductive Additive  


1.1 Type of Conductive Additive


1.2 Required Characteristics of Conductive Additive


1.3 Major Features of Conductive Additive


1.4 Manufacturing Method of Conductive Additive


1.5 Usage of Conductive Additive




2. Technology Trends for Li-Ion Battery


2.1 Required Characteristics of Li-Ion Battery


2.2 Development Trend for Li-Ion Battery




3. Technology Trends for Conductive Additive


3.1 Properties by Conductive Additive Product


3.2 Dispersion Issue for Conductive Additive




4. Market Outlook for Conductive Additive (2018-2030)


4.1 Market Outlook by Application


4.2 Market Outlook by Type


4.3 Market Outlook by Cathode and Anode


4.4 Price Outlook for Conductive Additive


4.5 Major SCM of Conductive Additive


  4.6 Production Capacity for Conductive Additive




5. Trends for Conductive Additive Manufacturers




5.2 Cnano




5.4 Imerys Graphite & Carbon


5.5 LG Chem


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