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<2020> Global xEV market and Battery supply & demand outlook (~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2020-01-03
  • Published cycle : 반년
  • Page :  187p
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 Recently, the rapidly developing global electric vehicle market has seen a crisis coming.


   China, the world’s largest electric vehicle market, announced to stop providing subsidies for electric vehicles from China’s local governments. Moreover, the US, the second-largest electric vehicle market, has seen Tesla cutting down subsidies as well. Tesla is a brand that has sold the most electric vehicles. Accordingly, global electric vehicle markets have been declining and shrinking in the second half of 2019.


   Despite some of the concerns regarding the 2019 electric vehicle market, its future and prospect still remain the same in the long term. In fact, China’s market where consumers would depend on subsidies is expected to reborn after restructuring this year. Furthermore, the NEV policy of the Chinese government forces the ‘vehicle makers’ to sell a certain amount of electric vehicles in the future.


In addition, the U.S. and Europe region will see a switch to electric vehicles, due to strong vehicle fuel-efficiency regulations. Global big OEM automobile makers, including VW, have been speeding up their transition to electric vehicles since 2020.


  Accordingly, Europe massively invests to produce secondary battery cells, aiming to take the lead in the secondary battery area, which is the core value of electric vehicles. The German government has extended the size and time for providing subsidies for electric vehicles, expecting to see the growth of the electric vehicle market.


  Based on the governmental policies around the world and major vehicle manufacturers’ plans for electric vehicle business, this report argues the predicted demand for electric vehicles and their secondary batteries together. Moreover, this report deals with the production capacity expansion plans and other future plans of top global secondary battery suppliers. On top of that, the expected supply of secondary battery is also debated here from the perspective of the suppliers.


 We hope this report can help officials in secondary battery and electric vehicle industries, research securities and academia as well.


  [ Table of Contents ]


 1. Medium and long-term prospect of global automobile market (~2030) --------- 7

     1.1 Global Automobile Market Prospect

     1.2 Global Passenger Vehicle (PV) Market Prospect

     1.3 Global Passenger Vehicle (PV) type (xEV) market Prospect

     1.4 Global Commercial Vehicle (CV) Market Prospect


2. Medium and long-term prospect of electric passenger vehicles (BEV+PHEV) market ---- 15

     2.1 mHEV Market Prospect

     2.2 Electric Vehicle Market Prospect

     2.3 Prospect for Electric Vehicle by Makers

     2.4 Detailed prospect for Top10 Makers

           - VW, Toyota, Renault-Nissan, HKMC, TESLA, GM, Geely, BMW, Daimler, Ford


   3. Electric passenger vehicle market prospect by regions -------- 56

     3.1 U.S. Electric Vehicle Market Prospect

     3.2 North American Electric Vehicle Market Prospect (Excluding the U.S.)

     3.3 European Electric Vehicle Market Prospect

     3.4 Chinese Electric Vehicle Market Prospect

     3.5 Japanese Electric Vehicle Market Prospect

     3.6 Korean Electric Vehicle Market Prospect

     3.7 Other Electric Vehicle Market Prospects


  4. Electric BUS market prospects ------------------86

     4.1 Electric BUS Market Prospect

     4.2 Electric BUS Market Prospect by Regions


5. Electric TRUCK Market Prospect -------------- 94

     5.1 Electric TRUCK Market Prospect

     5.2 Electric TRUCK Market Prospect by Regions


 6. LiB Market and Selling Price Prospect -------------- 102

     6.1 Average Battery Capacity Prospect for Electric Vehicles

     6.2 Electric Vehicle Battery Selling Price Prospect

     6.3 Electric Vehicle Battery Market Size Prospect


7. Battery market prospects for electric vehicles --------- 106

    7.1 xEV Battery Demand Prospect

    7.2 xEV Passenger Vehicle Battery Demand Prospect

    7.3 xEV Commercial Vehicle Battery Demand Prospect

    7.4 xEV Bus Battery Demand Prospect

    7.5 xEV Truck Battery Demand Prospect

    7.6 Battery Demand Prospect by xEV Makers (PV)

    7.7 Battery Demand Prospect (PV) by Global OEM Makers

    7.8 Battery Demand Prospect (PV) by Chinese Makers

    7.9 Battery Demand Prospect by Global Top 10 Makers (PV)


8. Supply prospects by LiB Makers ---------- 126

     8.1 Battery Supply Prospect by Manufacturing Countries

     8.2 Battery Supply Prospect by Production Areas

     8.3 Korean Makers Prospect

     8.4 Japanese Makers Prospect

     8.5 Chinese Makers Prospect

     8.6 Prospects for Europe and Other Makers


9. Medium and Long-term Battery Supply and Demand Prospect ----------142

      9.1 Medium and Long-term Global Prospects for Supply and Demand

      9.2 Medium and Long-term Prospects for Supply and Demand in China

      9.3 Medium and Long-term Supply and Demand Prospect for Global (Excluding China)

      9.4 Medium and Long-term Prospects for Supply and Demand in Europe

      9.5 Medium and Long-term Prospects for Supply and Demand in North America 





1. Global automobile regulations and policies to foster electric vehicles ---- 149


     1.1 Electric Vehicle Supply Targets of Major Countries

     1.2 Declares Of Major Cities to Remove Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

     1.3 Automobile Regulations and Electric Vehicle Fostering Policy in major countries

     1.3.1 U.S. Automobile Regulation and Company Current State

     1.3.2 European Automobile Regulation and Company Current State

     1.3.3 Chinese Automobile Regulation and Subsidies Policy


2. Major Automobile Makers’ Electric Vehicle Sales Goal --------- 166


3. Major Automobile Makers Market Trends ------------------------167




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