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<2019> Global xEV market and Battery supply & demand outlook (2019~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2019-05-17
  • Published cycle : 반년
  • Page :  182p
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   In recent years, the global electric vehicle (EV) market has been rapidly growing; in accordance with it, demand has explosively increased in various EV-related industry sectors, such as battery industry, materials industry, parts, etc., which are in the tendency of accompanied growth in proportion to the EV’s growth. The EV market continues its growth trend based on the EV supply policy of each country; in particular, China takes the lead in the market size by each country, on the strength of the government’s strong support and policies, which stays at the level far beyond about half of global total volume.  


Among the top 5 global battery suppliers, the three domestic companies are attracting attention in the global market, by achieving the astronomical order amount. Preparing for China's CATL and BYD, which are focusing on domestic demand and supply, and for Japan’s Panasonic, highly dependent on Tesla, the 3 domestic companies of LGC, SDI, and SKI have carried out aggressive expansion and investment, resulting in orders for European OEMs and global OEMs. In addition, they are positively developing supply strategies for customer corporations by having expanded the factory lines in each major base of China, USA, Europe, etc.


This report tried to forecast demand for electric vehicles and batteries by focusing on the EV policy of each country and the future plans of major global OEMs. Also, we discussed the outlook for capa. supply from the viewpoint of suppliers, including capa. expansion plans and future line plan by base of global leading battery suppliers and key battery makers in Korea, China, and Japan. 


I hope that this report would be helpful to the experts in various areas, who are engaged in battery-related or electric-related business, research and securities handling the future, and finally, academia and research institutes. 




1. Global Mid-to-Long-Term Market Outlook for Vehicles (to 2030) --------- 7 

     1.1 Global Market Outlook for Vehicles 

     1.2 Global Market Outlook for Passenger Vehicles (PV) 

     1.3 Global Market Outlook by PV Type (xEV) 

     1.4 Global Market Outlook for Commercial Vehicles (CV) 



2. Mid-to-Long Term Market Outlook for Electric PVs (BEV+PHEV) ------ 27 

     2.1 Market Outlook for Electric PVs (BEV+PHEV) 

     2.2 Outlook by Electric PV (BEV + PHEV) Maker 

     2.3 Detailed Outlook by Top 10 Maker 

     2.4 Summary of Detailed Outlook by Top 10 Maker 


3. Electric PV Market Outlook by Region ------------ 41 

     3.1 EV Market Outlook in USA 

     3.2 EV Market Outlook in North American (except USA) 

     3.3 EV Market Outlook in Europe 

     3.4 EV Market Outlook in China 

     3.5 EV Market Outlook in Japan 

     3.6 EV Market Outlook in Korea 

     3.7 Other EV Market Outlook 


 4. Outlook for LiB Market and Selling Price ------------------- 78 

     4.1 Outlook for Average Battery Capa. of EVs 

     4.2 Outlook for Selling Price of EV Battery 

     4.3 Outlook for Market Size of EV Battery 


5. EV and Battery Market Outlook by Ccar Maker --- 83 

     5.1 Demand Outlook for xEV Battery 

     5.2 Demand Outlook for xEV PV Battery 

     5.3 Demand Outlook for xEV CV Battery 

     5.4 Outlook for Battery Demand by xEV Maker (PV) 

     5.5 Outlook for Battery Demand by xEV Maker (CV) 


 6. Supply Outlook by LiB Maker -------------------------- 107 

     6.1 Battery Supply Outlook by Country of Manufacture 

     6.2 Battery Supply Outlook by Production Region 

     6.3 Outlook for Korean Makers 

     6.4 Outlook for Japanese Makers 

     6.5 Outlook for Chinese Makers 

     6.6 Outlook for European and other Makers 


7. Mid-to-Long Term Outlook for Battery Supply and Demand ---------------------- 123 

     7.1 Outlook for Global Mid-to-Long Term Supply and Demand

     7.2 Outlook for Mid-to-Long Term Supply and Demand in China

     7.3 Outlook for Global Mid-to-Long Term Supply and Demand (except China) 


 8. Demand Outlook for 4 Major Raw Materials of Battery (xEV) --------- 128 

      8.1 Outlook for Lithium Demand 

      8.2 Outlook for Nickel Demand 

      8.3 Outlook for Cobalt Demand 

      8.4 Outlook for Manganese Demand 




1. Global Automobile Regulation and EV Promotion Policy -------- 134 

     1.1 Supply Target of EVs by Leading Country 

     1.2 Declaration of Exit of Internal-Combustion Vehicles in Major Cities 

     1.3 Automobile Regulation and EV Promotion Policy by Leading Country 

     1.3.1 Automobile Regulation and Business Status in USA 

     1.3.2 Automobile Regulation and Business Status in Europe 

     1.3.3 Automobile Regulation and Subsidy Policy in China 


2. Sales Targets of Major Car Makers for EVs ----------- 150 

3. Trend of Major Car Makers --------------------------151 

4. Periodical Global Major Growth Drivers for xEV ------------ 171 

5. Outlook for Battery Capa. by Company ----------------------- 172

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