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Global Small-sized Lithium ion Secondary Battery Shipment(2017.4Q)
  • Publishing Date : 2018-01-10
  • Published cycle : 반년
  • Page :  121p

Samsung SDI ranked first with 1,277.6 million cells, followed by Panasonic with 1,272.1 million cells, followed by LG Chem with 1,011.4 million cells, which is the third place.



Looking at quarterly supplier shipments, overall, SDI and Panasonic have been accumulating in the first and second place in 2017, and the growth of LGC and ATL in the second half of the year is steep. Panasonic chased down SDI, No. 1, and LGC is steadily pushing Panasonic as it continues to rise.



Cylindrical batteries showed a recovery in 2017 2H despite a decline in demand for Notebooks. Demand for Power Tools, xEVs, and Power Banks has steadily increased, and overall supply has increased. The cylindrical market is expected to continue to rise in the future.


Though prismatic batteries have been widely used for mobile phones, smartphone batteries have been decreasing due to polymer-type replacements.


Polymer batteries are rapidly replacing square batteries in the mobile phone, notebook and tablet markets. The overall IT market is going to be saturated, but the relative share of polymer batteries is on the rise.


In this report, small lithium ion secondary battery shipments were analyzed by supplier, application, customer, and type. Based on the results of this analysis, we can understand the market situation and forecast the future market.


[Features of this report]

1. Market Forecast by Application Category and Small Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Demand Forecast

2. Shipments of Small Lithium Ion Batteries by Supplier

3. Shipments of Small Lithium Ion Batteries by Application

4. Shipment Analysis of Small Lithium Ion Battery by Customer

5. Shipment Analysis of Small Lithium Ion Battery by Type




1. 2017 Small Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Market Status

 1.1. Quarterly shipments of small lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

 1.2. Market Share of Small Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

 1.3. Cylindrical cell supply trend for xEV

 1.4. Variation of supply ratio by type

 1.5 Expansion of application of polymer battery

 1.6 Reduced battery supply for tablets

 1.7 2017 Small Lithium Ion Battery Supply by Country


2. Market Trends and Forecasts by Application

 2.1 Total

 2.2 Notebook

 2.3 Mobile Phone

 2.4 Tablet

 2.5 Power Tool

 2.6 xEV

 2.7 E-Bike

 2.8 Power Bank

 2.9 Trends in Application of Secondary Batteries


3. Market Trends and Forecasts by Type

 3.1 Total

 3.2 Cylindrical cell

 3.3 Prismatic cell

 3.4 Polymer cell

 3.5 Trend by Type of Secondary Battery


4. Market Trend and Forecast by Battery Maker

 4.1 Market Share by Battery Maker

 4.2 SDI 

 4.3 LGC

 4.4 Panasonic

 4.5 Sony

 4.6 Maxwell

 4.7 ATL

 4.8 BAK

 4.9 BYD

 4.10 Lishen

 4.11 Coslight

 4.12 Trends of secondary battery Maker


5. Market Trends and Forecasts by Customer

 5.1 Apple

 5.2 Samsung

 5.3 Xiaomi

 5.4 HP

 5.5 Dell

 5.6 Acer

 5.7 Lenovo

 5.8 Nokia

 5.9 Huawei

 5.10 Asus

 5.11 LGE

 5.12 TTI

 5.13 B&D

 5.14 Trends of secondary battery customers 

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