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Market trends and outlook of Electric Vehicle Parts (2012~2020)
  • Publishing Date : 2016-08-19
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  227p
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Competitions among automobile producers to develop environmentally friendly vehicles are intensifying due to strengthening fuel efficiency regulations in various countries around the world and the need of those producers to secure future competencies. The basic concept of automobiles is changing from merely means of transportation to environmentally friendly and smart devices, of which the environmental aspect is being focused on. Despite the stagnant economy, various countries are establishing long-term and extensive strategies such as expansion of investments and building infrastructure for development of environmentally friendly vehicles. Electric vehicles only take up 0.08% of all commercial vehicles. However, they are growing rapidly, which is exemplified by the 66% growth in 2015 compared to the previous year. Until 2015 the number of electric vehicles registered globally was 1.27 million. The most electric vehicles were in the United States, with 400,000 vehicles (31.7%), followed by China and Japan, with 280,000 (22.1%) and 130,000 (10.2%) vehicles respectively. It is expected that in 15 years 1 out of 2 vehicles will be an electric vehicle.


As the electric vehicle market is expanding, it is expected that the electric vehicle parts market will also grow. Electric vehicles are commonly driven by motors, and batteries that store electricity, BMS for controlling batteries, inverters that produce AC for motors, converters for low voltage DC for automotive electronics, and controllers that control all systems of vehicles are essential parts of electric vehicles. Therefore, competitions to secure technologies for common core parts for various types of environmentally friendly vehicles, like batteries, BMS, electric motors, inverters, and converters regardless of the speed of market development and directions of developments of environmentally friendly vehicles are regarded important. Other than those parts special cables and connectors that contain high voltage electricity of 100-300V necessary for driving large motors are required.


This report provides information such as introductions to technologies, trends of technological developments, industry analysis, prices of products, market trends and forecasts, recent trends of technologies or producers, and businesses of producers and current products, focusing on motors, inverters, battery management systems (BMS), on-board chargers, and harnesses among main parts of electric vehicles. Readers can expect to grasp market trends of electric vehicle parts at a glance.

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