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<2016> Leading Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Makers: Strategy Analysis
  • Publishing Date : 2016-04-29
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  350p
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  Recently, the global rechargeable battery market is becoming an arena for competition among Top 3 countries-Korea, China and Japan. Medium-to large-sized batteries such as ESS and xEV applications are expected to be the dividing line between victory and defeat. Lithium rechargeable battery and EV markets are emerging as new growth engines, boosting the growth of related parts and materials industries. 



LG Chem and Samsung SDI seek to maintain their dominance in the emerging market as well, focusing on developing business capabilities with huge investment in their existing large-battery batteries, while Japan’s Panasonic and Sony and China’s ATL and Lishen are endeavoring to make a successful entry into the large capacity battery domain. 



LG Chem and Samsung SDI are making aggressive R&D efforts for high capacity, high density new materials. Although both companies have suffered losses in the large capacity rechargeable battery business due to excessive initial investment and development expenses , LG Chem is expected to begin to see profits from 2017; and Samsung SDI from 2018 along with the growth of EV and ESS markets. In addition, both companies are endeavoring to diversify suppliers for the 4 key components to achieve both cost reduction and safety. 



This report is largely divided into two parts: one is to provide a comprehensive overview about the global li-ion rechargeable battery industry; and the other part is to provide strategies of major li-ion rechargeable battery makers in Korea, China and Japan. 



In the introduction part, prospects for global and domestic markets of key LIB components are provided as well as prospects for the global LIB market including small IT and medium-to-large applications (xEVs and ESSs). In the strategy part, the history and current status of LIB business, product line, business strategies, line expansion, parts and component sourcing, and roadmap strategies of leading LIB makers as well as company profiles. Detailed analyses for a total of seven major Korean/Chinese/Japanese companies are provided: three Korean companies (Samsung SDI, LG Chem, SK Innovation), two Japanese companies (Panasonic, Sony), and three Chinese companies (ATL, Lishen,BYD). 




[ Strong Points of this Report ] 


-Market-Oriented Analysis 


-Market Share and Forecast in Global LIB Rechargeable Battery Domain 


-Anaysis Strategies of Leading LIB Makers -Market, Sourcing Strategies 




 [ Contents ] 


  1. LIB Market Forecast 

  1.1 Expanding LIB Applications --------------------------------------------- 9 

  1.2 4 Development Targets in LIB Industry --------------------------------11 

  1.3 LIB Market Forecast-General [2011-2020, Capacity] -------------------13 

  1.4 LIB Market Forecast-General [2011-2020, Revenue] -------------------16  

  1.5 LIB Market Forecast- IT Sector [2011-2020, Cell Count] -------------- 22 

        LIB Market Forecast- IT Sector [Application]  

  1.6 xEV Market Forecast [2011-2020, Vehicle Count] -------------------- 27 

        Global EV Market Forecast [Application] 

        Global EV Market Forecast [Country]  

  1.7 Global ESS Market Forecast [2011-2020] -------------------------------38 

        Global ESS Market Forecast [Application]  

        LIB ESS Market Forecast [Share] 

  1.8 LIB Price Forecast [Cell, Material] -------------------------------------- 40 

        LIB Price Forecast [Cell] 

        LIB Price Forecast [Material] 

  1.9 LIB 4 Key Components-Market Forecast ------------------------------ 49 

  2. Leading LIB Makers: Strategy Analysis 

  2.1 Global LIB M/S Analysis --------------------------------------------------- 54 

  2.2 Global LIB Market Analysis------------------------------------------------- 66 

  2.3 Global LIB Maker Analysis by Company----------------------------------- 76 

  2.3.1 Samsung SDI- Business Strategy ---------------------------------------- 80 

           Client Portfolio ------------------------------------------------------ 85 

           Product Portfolio----------------------------------------------------- 96 

           Manufacturing Strategy ---------------------------------------------- 102 

           Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components)----------------------------- 107 

           Roadmap -------------------------------------------------------------- 110 

           Market Strategy------------------------------------------------------- 113 

  2.3.2 LGC - Business Strategy ------------------------------------------------------ 118 

           Client Portfolio ------------------------------------------------------ 123 

            Product Portfolio---------------------------------------------------- 135 

            Manufacturing Strategy -------------------------------------------- 145 

            Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components)---------------------------- 150 

            Roadmap ------------------------------------------------------------ 153 

            Market Strategy------------------------------------------------------ 157 

  2.3.3 SKI-Business Strategy ----------------------------------------------- 162 

           Client Portfolio -------------------------------------------------- 167 

           Product Portfolio ----------------------------------------------- 173 

           Manufacturing Base -------------------------------------------- 176 

           Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components) ----------------------- 182 

           Roadmap -------------------------------------------------------- 184 

           Market Strategy ------------------------------------------------- 187 

  2.3.4 Panasonic-Business Strategy----------------------------------------- 191 

           Client Portfolio -------------------------------------------------- 195 

           Product Portfolio-------------------------------------------------201 

           Manufacturing Base----------------------------------------------205 

           Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components)-------------------------211 

           Roadmap --------------------------------------------------------213 

           Market Strategy--------------------------------------------------217 

  2.3.5 Sony-Business Strategy----------------------------------------------- 222 

           Client Portfolio --------------------------------------------------226 

           Product Portfolio-------------------------------------------------229 

           Manufacturing Strategy- ----------------------------------------231 

           Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components)-------------------------234 

           Roadmap --------------------------------------------------------236 

           Market Strategy--------------------------------------------------238 

  2.3.6 ATL-Business Strategy- ----------------------------------------------244 

           Client Portfolio --------------------------------------------------250 

           Product Portfolio-------------------------------------------------255 

           Manufacturing Strategy -----------------------------------------257 

           Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components)-------------------------261 

           Roadmap ---------------------------------------------------------263 

           Market Strategy ------------------------------------------------- 265 

  2.3.7 Lishen-Business Strategy--------------------------------------------- 269 

           Client Portfolio -------------------------------------------------- 273 

           Product Portfolio-------------------------------------------------277 

           Manufacturing Base----------------------------------------------283 

           Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components)-------------------------286 

           Roadmap --------------------------------------------------------288 

           Market Strategy--------------------------------------------------292 

  2.3.8 BYD-Business Strategy- ---------------------------------------------- 296 

           Client Portfolio -------------------------------------------------- 300 

           Product Portfolio-------------------------------------------------306 

           Manufacturing Base----------------------------------------------312 

           Sourcing Strategy (4 Key Components)-------------------------317 

           Roadmap --------------------------------------------------------319 

           Market Strategy--------------------------------------------------323 

  3. Conclusion and Implication  

          Conclusion -------------------------------------------------------------------326 

          Implication -------------------------------------------------------------------329 

          Appendix -------------------------------------------------------------------330 





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