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<2016> LIB Main 4Components Market Analysis & Supplier Status
  • Publishing Date : 2016-02-17
  • Published cycle : Special
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<2016> LIB Main 4Components Market Analysis and Supplier Status



The global lithium ion secondary battery market has achieved a big growth after Sony has first developed the lithium ion battery in 1991, with the lead of Japanese firms such as Panasonic (Sanyo) and Hitachi in the IT equipment market. In the 2000s, Korean and Chinese firms have joined the market and even just the lithium ion battery market on its own has grown to worth 20 trillion won. In the future, big growths are expected in the electric vehicle and ESS markets. Along with their growths, the four major components market is also growing.



The market of the four major components of the lithium secondary battery has been led by Japanese producers with their technology and they have been followed by the growing Korean producers. Recently the Chinese secondary battery market has rapidly grown and Chinese producers as latecomers are fiercely increasing in size. As a result, the current market is where producers of the three countries are intensely competing with each other.



This report is divided largely into two parts: forecast of the lithium ion secondary battery market and in-depth analysis of the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese producers of lithium ion secondary battery parts. In the general introduction, we have covered forecasts of various global lithium ion secondary battery markets for products such as the small IT battery, xEV, and ESS, local and global markets of lithium ion battery and main materials, and production capacity (2012-2020) and supply (2012-2020) of producers per material.



In the chapter on lithium ion secondary battery producers we have analyzed, on top of introduction of the producers, their past and current businesses related to lithium ion secondary batteries, their products, and manufacturing processes. The chapter is divided into the four major materials, and contains the past record, current outlook, and main market information. The number of analyzed producers of lithium ion secondary battery parts is around 50.





Strong Points of this Report
- At a glance, you will be able to learn the current trends and forecasts of the global lithium secondary battery market.

- You will be able to obtain know the demand, production capacity, and product prices of each producer in the four major parts market. 

- You will be able to obtain detailed information of the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese producers of the four main materials of lithium secondary batteries.



Chapter  1. Trends and Forecast of the Global Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Market (~2020)

1.1 Global LIB Market Forecast (2011-2020)

1.2 Global LIB Market for Small IT Forecast (~2020)

1.3 Global LIB Market for Medium-Sized EV Forecast (~2020)

1.4 Global LIB Market for Large ESS Forecast (~2020)


Chapter  2. Trends and Forecast of the Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Cathode Market

2.1 Trends and Forecast of the Cathode Market (Cathode Market Demand)

2.1.1 Current Cathode Demand per Country

2.1.2 Current Cathode Demand per Material

2.1.3 Current Market Performances of Cathode Producers Current LCO Market Current NCM Market Current LMO Market Current NCA Market Current FPO Market

2.1.4 Current Demand Changes of Cathode per Type

2.1.5 Current Demand of Cathode per Cell Producer Cathode Usage of Samsung SDI Cathode Usage of LG Chem Cathode Usage of SKI Cathode Usage of Panasonic Cathode Usage of Sony Cathode Usage of AESC Cathode Usage of Hitachi Maxell Cathode Usage of ATL Cathode Usage of BYD Cathode Usage of Lishen Cathode Material Usage of Coslight

2.1.6 Current Cathode Material Production Capacity

2.1.7 Trends of Cathode Prices Price Structure of Cathode Materials Price Trend per Type of Cathode Material


2.2 Producers of Cathode

2.2.1 Korean Cathode Producers L and F Umicore Korea Ecopro Cosmo AM&T GS EM Iljin Materials Posco ESM ENF Technology

2.2.2 Japanese Cathode Producers Nichia () Sumitomo Metal Mining (??ߣ()) Toda Kogyo (?) Tanaka (() ??ϼ) Mitsui Kinzoku (߲??()) Santoku (() ߲?) AGC Seimi Chemical () ()

2.2.3 Chinese Cathode Producers Reshine ShanShan Easpring B&M Pulead Xiamen Tungsten (XTC) Ningbo Jinhe Quindao


Chapter  3. Trends and Forecast of the Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Anode Market

3.1 Anode Market Trends and Forecast (Anode Market Demand)

3.1.1 Anode Demand per Country

3.1.2 Anode Demand per Material

3.1.3 Current Market Performances of Anode Producers Current NG Market Current AG Market Current HC Market Current SC Market Current MT Market

3.1.4 Current Demand Changes of Anode per Type

3.1.5 Current Demand of Anode per Cell Producer Anode Usage of Samsung SDI Anode Usage of LG Chem Anode Usage of SKI Anode Usage of Panasonic Anode Usage of Sony Anode Usage of AESC Anode Usage of Hitachi Maxell Anode Usage of ATL Anode Usage of BYD Anode Usage of Lishen Anode Usage of Coslight

3.1.6 Current Anode Material Production Capacity

3.1.7 Trends of Anode Prices Price Structure of Anode Materials Price Trend per Type of Anode Material


3.2 Producers of Anode

3.2.1 Korean Anode Producers Posco Chemtech GS Energy Dae Joo Electronic Materials

3.2.2 Japanese Anode Producers Hitachi Chemical Mitsubishi Chemical Nippon Carbon JFE Chemical Kureha ShowaDenko

3.2.3 Chinese Anode Producers BTR ShanShan Easpring Changsha Xingcheng Morgan/Hairong Zichen Zhengtuo


Chapter  4. Trends and Forecast of the Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Separator Market

4.1 Trends and Forecast of the Separator Market (Separator Market Demand)

4.1.1 Separator Demand per Country

4.1.2 Separator Demand per Material

4.1.3 Current Market Performances of Separator Producers

4.1.4 Current Demand Changes of Separator per Type

4.1.5 Current Demand of Separators per Cell Producer Separator Usage of Samsung SDI Separator Usage of LG Separator Usage of SKI Separator Usage of Panasonic Separator Usage of Sony Separator Usage of AESC Separator Usage of Hitachi Maxell Separator Usage of ATL Separator Usage of BYD Separator Usage of Lishen Separator Usage of Coslight

4.1.6 Current Separator Production Capacity

4.1.7 Trends of Separator Prices Price Structure of Separators Price Trend per Type of Separator


4.2 Producers of Separators

4.2.1 Korean Separator Producers SK Innovation W-Scope

4.2.2 Japanese Separator Producers Ashai Kasei Toray Ube

4.2.3 Chinese Separator Producers SENIOR GREEN JINHUI


Chapter  5. Trends and Forecast of the Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Electrolyte Market

5.1 Trends and Forecast of the Electrolyte Market (Electrolyte Market Demand)

5.1.1 Electrolyte Demand per Country

5.1.2 Electrolyte Demand per Material

5.1.3 Current Market Performances of Electrolyte Producers

5.1.4 Current Demand Changes of Electrolyte per Type

5.1.5 Current Demand of Electrolyte per Cell Producer Electrolyte Usage of Samsung SDI Electrolyte Usage of LG Chem Electrolyte Usage of SKI Electrolyte Usage of Panasonic Electrolyte Usage of Sony Electrolyte Usage of AESC Electrolyte Usage of Hitachi Maxell Electrolyte Usage of ATL Electrolyte Usage of BYD Electrolyte Usage of Lishen Electrolyte Usage of Coslight

5.1.6 Current Electrolyte Production Capacity

5.1.7 Trends of Electrolyte Prices Price Structure of Electrolytes Price Trend per Type of Electrolyte


5.2 Producers of Electrolytes

5.2.1 Korean Electrolyte Producers panaX etec soulbrain enchem Leechem Foosung

5.2.2 Japanese Electrolyte Producers Mitsubishi Ube CentralGlass Tomiyama

5.2.3 Chinese Electrolyte Producers Capchem Huarong Huarong











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