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<2016> China Electric Vehicle & Major Components Market Status and Forecast(~2020)
  • Publishing Date : 2016-01-08
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  187p
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This report covers the current trends in China’s EV market, which accounts for 25% of the demand and production of the world’s auto industry, and related auto parts industries.

In that the growth of electric vehicles in China is more policy-driven, in-depth analyses of China’s regulatory practices on electric vehicles will serve as a useful guide to project the influence of these policies on the growth of the Chinese EV market. Additionally, the State Council selected six sectors of the auto industry to increase the self-sufficiency rate for key electric car parts to 80% by 2020.  Analyzing SCM of the major suppliers in these sectors will be a key indicator to predict what the market will look like in the future. Lastly, analyses on China’s current and projected electric car and bus market structures and sizes through 2020 are provided.



1. Introduction

2. Overview of Electric Vehicles

- Overview and Technological Background

3. Understanding of EV Charging Technology

4. Government Incentives for Electric Vehicles in China

- Development plans, charging standards, plans for increasing charging points to EVs, subsidies, regional allocation, emission gas, other programs (license plate, restrictions on driving)

5. Current and Projected Status of Major EV and Auto Parts Suppliers

- 9 auto makers, 9 batter suppliers, 5 motor& inverter suppliers,  2 on-board charger suppliers, 3 high-voltage harness suppliers

6. Chinese EV Market Forecast

- Analysis of Current EV and Electric Bus Markets and Market Competition

- 2015 Sales and Mid to Long Term Projections

7. Index (Figure & Table)

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