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Quarterly Global Small-sized Li-ion Secondary Battery Shipment and Forecast ('15.1Q)
  • Publishing Date : 2015-02-02
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  83p
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Global shipments of small-sized lithium ion rechargeable batteries for 2014 revealed that Korea's Samsung SDI led the market, accounting for 1.14 billion cells with a 20.5% global market share, followed by Korea's LG Chem with 0.88 billion cells (15.9%). The Japanese companies Panasonic and SONY held the third and fourth positions with 14.3% and 7.5% respectively. The total number of shipments were 5.561 billion cells, an about 10% up compared with 5.54 billion cells of 2013.

Applications for small li-ion rechargeable batteries are largely divided into two groups: IT and non-IT.
Smartphones, laptops and tablets fall under the IT group.

As tablets and smartphones make up for the decreasing demand for by phones and laptops, demand for rechargeable batteries in the IT sector is expected to remain almost the same, but with emergence of various IT devices such as wearables or Power Banks, the entire demand for rechargeable batteries will increase steadily.

The non-IT group including power tools, wireless vacuum cleaners, e-bikes, and Testla's electric vehicles is expected to see growing demand for li-ion batteries with increasing deployment.

Tesla Motors' electric vehicles using cylindrical batteries reached 29,000 cars for 2014 sales. The company also plans to release new models such as Model X and Model 3, which is expected to boost the market demand significantly.

As for type, the shipments of polymer batteries began to exceed those of prismatic batteries in the second half of 2014. With the current trend toward slim IT devices, the demand for polymer batteries will continue to grow. Cylindrical batteries are also expected to see growing demand due to new applications such as power tools and Power Banks as well as the growing demand for EV applications. 


In terms of applications, mobile phone applications account for the largest share with 40%, followed by laptops and power tools also occupy as much as 10%.


This report provides demand projections for small li-ion rechargeable batteries as well as shipments for 2014 by supplier, application, customer and type. This analysis is expected to serve as a useful guide for grasping the market trend and predicting the market for 2015.


[Features of This Report]

1. Market Forecast & Demand Projects by Sector in Small-Size Li-ion Battery Domain
2. Small-Size Li-ion Battery Shipments by Supplier
3. Small-Size Li-ion Battery Shipments by Application
4. Small-Size Li-ion Battery Shipments by Customer
5. Small-Size Li-ion Battery Shipments by Type


1. Overview

1.1. Trends in Lithium-Ion Batteries

1.2. Small-Sized Lithium-Ion Battery Applications

1.3. Trends in IT Sector

1.4. Non Trends in IT Sector

1.5. Trends in Cylindrical Batteries for xEV Applications

1.6. Small Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Outlook

2. Global Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Market Trends and Forecasts

2.1. Rechargeable Battery Market Trends and Forecasts

2.2. Rechargeable Battery Market Growth Trends

2.3. Diversification of Cylindrical Battery Demand

2.4. Growing Demand for Polymer Batteries

2.5. Price Trends in Major Applications

2.6. Market Shares by Country

2.7 Trends in Small Rechargeable Battery Market

3. Market Trends and Forecasts by Battery Maker

3.1. Overall Trends

3.2. SDI

3.3. LGC

3.4. Panasonic

3.5. Sony

3.6. Maxwell

3.7. ATL

3.8. BAK

3.9. BYD

3.10. Lishen

3.11. Coslight

3.12. Trends in Rechargeable Battery Makers


4. Market Trends and Forecasts by Application

4.1. Notebook

4.2. Phone

4.3. Tablet

4.4. Power Tool

4.5. xEV

4.6. E Bike

4.7. Power Bank

4.8. Trends in Rechargeable Batteries by Application


5. Market Trends and Forecasts by Type

5.1. Overall Trends

5.2. Cylindrical cell

5.3. Prismatic cell

5.4. Polymer cell

5.5. Sales Portfolios by Company

5.6. Trends in Rechargeable Batteries by Type


6. Market Trends and Forecasts by Customer

6.1. Apple

6.2. Samsung

6.3. Xiaomi

6.4. HP

6.5. Dell

6.6. Acer


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