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<2015> EV Battery System Patent Trend and Analysis
  • Publishing Date : 2015-01-08
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  277p
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Nowadays, electric vehicles (EV) are gaining attention as a new growth engine. Especially, as Model 5 of Tesla Motors was a mega hit, other manufacturers are accelerating the launch of their own EV models. Consumers also expect to see electric vehicles hit the streets in the near future. Policy measures such as regulations on CO2 emissions as well as subsidies granted on electric vehicles play a part in the recent growth in the EV market.


This report aims to provide insight on the future research, policymaking and business decisions on the EV industry with the potential of high growth based on the patent trends in EV battery system.


Searches were made on 24,000 patent cases on EV battery system of Korea, Japan, U.S., and Europe that have been made public or were registered until October 2014.


Moreover, of a total of 24,000 cases, about 4,000 valid patents were selected to run various quantitative analyses. Especially, the reviews were made on the following areas: patent trends by country/year, patent trends by year/applicant, patent trends of leading companies by country, patent trends of leading companies, patent trends by technology, patent trends by technology/year, trends by technology/applicant, share of technology by period, trends among major applicants by period, patent trends by technology/country, multiple patent inventors, patent transfer, supply chain and leading companies, trends among leading battery makers based on supply chain by year, key technology trends among leading battery makers, trends among leading EV manufacturers based on supply chain by year, and key technology trends among leading EV manufacturers.


Also, 164 key U.S. patents were extracted from the selected 4,000 valid patents based on patent index to provide the following information on key patent filings by country, key patent filings by country/year, key patent filings by year/technology, key patent distribution by technology, key patent distribution by technology of leading companies, multiple patent inventors of key patent, key patent list by company, and technology plan, and summary of key patent.


The insight gained from a wide range of quantitative and qualitative analyses on EV cells will be made useful for corporate R&D efforts, the government's policymaking process and academic research.


[Patent Application Trend by Country/Year]



[Applicants' Status for Patent]




- Contents -


1. Key Patent Analysis Overview
Patent Analysis Background
Patent Analysis Scope
Technology Classification
Patent Analysis Method


2. Technology Overview
EV Battery System Technology Trend


3. Patenting Trend Analysis
Patent Search Result and Target Patent Extraction--
Patenting Trend by Country/Year
Patenting Trend by Country
Patent Applicant Trend by Year
Leading Companies by Country
Patenting Trends of Leading Companies by Year
Patenting Trend by Technology
Patenting Trend by Technology/Year
Major Applicants by Technology (Sub-Cat)
Major Applicant by Technology (Sub-Sub-Cat)
Share of Each Technology Category by Period
Major Applicant by Period
Top Inventors
Patent Transfer Trend
Supply Chain & Leading Companies
Patent Trend of Leading Battery Makers by Year
Technology Focus Areas of Leading Battery Makers
Patent Trend of EV Battery Makers by Year
Technology Focus Areas of Leading EV Makers


4. EV Battery System- Key Patent Analysis Overview
Key Patent Selection Method
In-depth Key Patent Analysis Method
Key Patent Filings
Key Patent Filings by Applicant's Nationality
Key Patent Filings by Applicant's Nationality/Technology
Key Patent Filings by Year/Technology
Key Patent Filings by Technology
Key Patent Filings by Technology of Leading Companies
Top Inventors of Key Patents
Key Patent List by Company


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