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<2014> High-functional Separator Market and Technology Development
  • Publishing Date : 2014-07-01
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  96p
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LIBs were initially used in small IT devices such as note PCs and HHP and has expanded their territory into various applications

including electric vehicles and energy storage systems along with advancements in performance. 

Requirements for LIBs vary from application to application. 

The R&D on LIBs has been directed toward high capacity, high output, low price and high safety.


Since the first commercialization in 1990, LIBs have constantly evolved in terms of performance. 

Taking cylindrical batteries as an example, their capacity has increased by 2 times but prices declined to less than 쩍.  Nevertheless,

the efforts to achieve high capacity is progressing slowly because little progress has been made in securing low-cost,

high capacity materials for LIBs.


As LIBs have expanded their territory toward new applications, there is growing demand for high capacity. 

To meet the demand of the area, there have been constant efforts to improve battery materials.

Among separators are evolving toward having a high level of functionality.


This report is intended to shed new light on the roles and potentials of separators in solving the current safety issue

the current battery markers are facing by providing a comprehensive overview of the separator market and technology development trends, including the newly emerging technology, CCS (Ceramic Coated Separator), and other next-generation separator technologies.

- Contents -

1.  LIB Market Forecast by Segmentation 

2.  LIB Cathode Material Market Trend

3.  Separator Consumption by Cell Maker 

4.  Separator Production by Manufacturer

5.  Ceramic Coated Separator 

6.  Development of Next-Generation Separators

7.  Solid Electrolyte

8.  Summary and Implications



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