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<2014>Cathode Material for Li-ion Secondary battery Technology Trend and Market Forecast(2012~2018)
  • Publishing Date : 2014-05-19
  • Published cycle : 연간
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With growing concerns over the depletion of fossil fuel resources and environmental pollution, R&D on electric vehicles is gaining momentum. The global EV sales hit 1.67 million units in 2012 and are expected to grow at a 35% CAGR, reaching 102.5 million units by 2018.

In addition, growing interest in renewable energy drives R&D on energy storage systems to store electric energy generated from renewable energy sources effectively.  As of 2012, the ESS market reached 4.6GWh and the end-user segment accounted for more than 90% of the market. As continuous growth is expected across all market segments, the market is projected to reach 8.9GWh by 2015 and 17.9GWh by 2018.  The demand for LIBs for ESS applications is expected to grow to 4.6GWh by 2018, an about 17-fold increase from 270MWh of 2012.

Of the key components (cathode, anode, electrolyte, separator) of Li-ion secondary batteries, cathode materials account for about 30-40% of the Li-ion battery cost.  Thus, for commercialization of large-sized li-ion batteries where costs matter, low-cost and high performance cathode materials are indispensable.

In this report, SNE Research provides global LIB shipment data including combined shipments of Tier 1 (BYD, ATL, Lishen, BAK, Coslight) & Tier 2 LIB makers (about 60 companies) in China. 

In 2013, 110,769 tons of cathode materials for LIB applications were consumed across the world and China remained the world's biggest consumer, accounting for 44.5% (49,257 tons), followed by Korea, 29.7% (32,850 tons); Japan 24.5% (27,125 tons); the U.S., 0.5% (577 tons); Taiwan, 0.6% (710 tons); and others, 0.2% (250 tons).

In 2013, the majority of demand for cathode materials for LIB applications was driven by China, Korea and Japan.  In these countries, the cathode material consumption was heavily weighted on LCO and Korea accounted for the largest portion in LCO consumption (59.9%).  The 3 countries used NCM most after LCO.  While LCO demand increased with the growth of smartphone/table PC segment, NCM showed a decrease.  The 3 countries occupy 98.6% of the entire cathode material market and 64-92% of LCO and NCM are used in these countries.

Among cathode materials consumed in 2013, LCO accounted for the largest portion with 50.6% (56,090), followed by NCM with 26.9% (29,795 tons) and LMO with 11.7% (13,010 tons).  NCA accounted for 5.4% (6,000 tons) and LFP 5.3%, (5,874 tons). With growing needs for high capacity LIBs in relation to the recent price erosion in cobalt and the growing smartphone/tablet PC market, the demand for LCO is on the rise. As Panasonic's cylindrical LIBs using NCA see growing demand due to the increasing sales of Tesla Model S increase, the demand for NCA is also growing.


[Cathode Material for Li-ion Secondary battery demand trand by major LIB Cell manufacturer(2013. E)]



[Global LIB Market Forecast (2012~2018)]



SNE Research published a new report titled 'Cathode Material for Li-ion Secondary battery Technology Trend and Market Forecast (2012~2018)'. 

This report covers the following topic regarding LIB cathode materials:

1. Cathode material technology development trend
2. Cathode material manufacturing process
3. Trend in cathode material market
4. Global LIB market forecast (2012~2018)
5. Cathode material trend and forecast



- Contents -

Chapter 1 Cathode materials technology trends and market forecasts

1. Introduction
2. Oxide cathode materials

3. Other cathode materials

4. Reference

Chapter 2 Cathode Material Manufacturing Process

1. Cathode Material Manufacturing Process
2. Precursor Manufacturing Process

3. Cathode material Property Evaluation

Chapter  3 Cathode Material Trend by Company

1. Korean Cathode Material Companies
2. Japanese Cathode Material Companies

Chapter  4 Global LIB Market Forecast (2012-2018)

1. Global small LIB for IT Market Forecast (2012-2018)

2. Global medium LIB for EV Market Forecast (2012-2018)

3. Global large LIB for ESS Market Forecast (2012-2018)

4. Global LIB Market Forecast-Total (2012-2018)

Chapter  5 Cathode Material- Market Trend and Forecast

1. Cathode Market Demand
2. Cathode Material Supply Status

3. Trend of Change in Cathode Material Demand by Type

4. Cathode Material Production Capacity Status

5. Cathode Material Cost Trend
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