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Market Analysis and Technology Issue of Global Energy Storage System used Li-ion Battery
  • Publishing Date : 2013-08-12
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  91p
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Lithium Secondary Batteries, will they dominate the ESS market?


In 2012, LIBs used in ESSs totaled 243MWh, forming a $414 million market in 2012.  Of the total LIB consumption, 62MWh was used in ESSs for general customers.  2012 was the first year when the subsidy program for residential and industrial ESSs began.


Currently, the LIB market for ESS applications can be divided into a subsidy-oriented consumer market, and the power grid market concentrating on demonstration projects.  Beside the U.S., Japan, Europe, and China are also actively engaged in ESS demonstration projects using LIBs for large-scale power grids.  For instance, demonstration projects led by U.S. DOE mostly employ LIB ESSs.  In China, LIB manufacturers are playing a leading role in large-scale ESSs.  In Korea, ESS products have been carried out in the Smart-grid Demonstration Complex, located at Jeju Island, Korea.  Germany started an ESS program to promote deployment of residential ESSs this year.


The energy storage industry is rapidly growing in the world.  From a technological aspect, LIBs, which have the largest number of applications, are under consideration.  This report provides an overview of technological issues and current status and future development trends of each country and company as well as ESS market analysis and forecasts.



[LIB ESS market forecast]


This report is intended to provide an insight to related companies and developers the market analysis and forecast as well as technological backgrounds for LIB ESSs, which are still under technology development stage.


Strong Points of this report


- LIB ESS market forecast by application
- Intensive analysis of the LIB ESS market
- Technological issues and solutions for ESSs


- Contents -

1. Overview
  1.1 Current Energy Status and Feasibility of Renewable Energy
  1.2 Future Grid and ESS

2. Various Energy Storage Technologies 
  2.1 ESS Technologies
  2.2 ESS Battery Applications
  2.3 Performance issue of large LIBs for energy storage

3. Key ESS battery material analysis 

  3.1 Cathode 
  3.2 Anode
  3.3 Electrolyte
  3.4 Separator
  3.5 Future new-concept ESS battery 

4. ESS battery system technology analysis 

  4.1 Battery pack design 
  4.2 BMS technology
  4.3 Operation technology
  4.4 PCS technology
5. LIBs for ESS applications: manufacturer analysis 

  5.1 Korea
  5.2 Japan
  5.3 USA
  5.4 China
  5.5 EU

6. ESS R&D trend by country 

  6.1 Korea
  6.2 Japan
  6.3 USA
  6.4 EU
  6.5 China

7. ESS program by country
  7.1 Korea
  7.2 Japan
  7.3 USA
  7.4 Europe

8. LIB ESS Market Forecast
  8.1. Lithium ion Battery ESS installation analysis (based on USA)
  8.2  ESS Market Status (USA)
  8.3  ESS installation case analysis 
  8.4  ESS Market Segmentation
  8.5  Lithium ion battery Market Factor Analysis
  8.6 LIB ESS Market Forecast

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