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Korean Cathode Material for LIB - Supply Chain and Market Analysis/Forecast
  • Publishing Date : 2011-12-15
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  104p
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The word battery which means 'to hit' originated from the Middle French word 'batterie' which is also the origin of the word 'battle' In baseball the term battery refers to the pitcher and the catcher both considered as one unit. The pitcher's action of throwing the ball hard and thereby hitting the catcher's mitt seems to have associated with the term. In baseball the pitcher who is throwing the ball is more important than the catcher who is receiving it. In fact this is true for all batteries. For a Lithium Ion Secondary Battery (LIB) the cathode material which is considered as a pitcher is treated with great importance.


5 Types of Cathode Material Value Chain Analysis


There exist 5 types of cathode material for Lithium Ion Secondary Battery (LIB). By focusing on the 5 types of cathode material which are LCO, LNCM, LNCA, LMO and LFP we will illuminate the LIB in South Korea. South Korea has the best leading LIB market and therefore more leadership of Korean companies is required for the future market. We have considered about the types of cells manufactured in Korea, the cathode material involved in the cell making process and the cathode material expected to be spotlighted in the future. In addition we have looked into the production capacity, major suppliers, major trends, future plans and company earnings for all South Korean cathode material manufacturing companies.


The Most Detailed Cathode Material Report


We are assuming this to be the most detailed report dealing with cathode material not only in South Korea but throughout the world. We have initially picked Korea for our study to forecast the supply chain and the market for cathode material but we hope to publish more helpful reports for the LIB industry by examining other major markets such as Japan and China as soon as possible.  


Features of this report



  • Examined every South Korean cathode material companies. (total of 15 companies)

  • Forecasted cathode material market trend and future demand according to South Korean LIB application. (year 2009 ~ year 2018)

  • Analyzed cathode material demand and domestic supply ability by type. (~ year 2013)

  • Analyzed Cell Maker and Supply Chain.

  • Organized major trend by individual cathode material company.

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