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In-Depth Analysis of the Korean LIB Market and Manufacturers
  • Publishing Date : 2012-08-09
  • Published cycle : 연간
  • Page :  292p
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Korea's LIB (Lithium Ion secondary Battery) industry was born along with mass-production of two companies which take the lead in the global lithium-ion battery industry: LG Chem (1999) and Samsung SDI (2000).  The market entry of new companies was centered on the markets of collectors, and cans in the initial stage, and four main LiB materials after 2005. Now that Korea's LIB industry has reached the global level, many companies are engaged across all sectors of four major LIB materials.


Korea has established itself as the No. 1 LIB producer 10 years after it entered the industry.  Considering Korean companies have high competitiveness in the market for electric vehicles and power storage devices, the LIB industry is expected to show gradual growth with continuous market entry of many companies. Japanese LIB material companies also increasingly have or have plans to build production bases in Korea. 


This report is largely divided into two areas: introduction of the LIB industry in Korea and analysis of Korean LIB manufacturers. The introduction includes a forecast of the LIB market in Korea, and data for the current status and outlooks of the markets of major LIB materials in the world and Korea, and Korean manufacturers of each materials, and production capacity (2009~2015) and supply (2009~2011) thereof in addition to a forecast of the global LIB market including small IT batteries, and medium-large batteries for electric vehicles (xEV), and electric storage systems (ESS).


[LIB market demand and forecast in Korea]


In the analysis of Korea's LIB manufacturers, the history, business status, products, and manufacturing processes of each company are provided as well as an overview of the company.  The analysis is based on 9 sub-divisions including battery packs and cells.  For each analysis, the history, current status, and major market information of Korean companies are provided.  In-depth analysis for total 36 LIB companies is conducted.


Strong Points of this report



  • Brief information about Korea's LIB market and manufacturers

  • Forecast of LIB and each LIB material markets in Korea

  • Production capacity and supply by Korean LIB manufacturer

  • In-depth analysis of Korean LIB manufacturers

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