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Separator for Secondary Battery Technology and Market Forecast
  • Publishing Date : 2010-09-13
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  107p
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Lithium rechargeable batteries have become an essential constituent of cell-phones and laptops. Many are expecting safer and more long-lasting rechargeable batteries.


The news of battery explosions or batteries on fire makes us think about the safety of rechargeable batteries. Among the 4 core materials that constitute rechargeable batteries, separator is most closely related to safety. There aren many companies which manufacture separators, the component that separates anode and cathode. The 3 largest firms have been satisfying most of the demands. Including other companies that are increasing supply recently, the 5 largest firms charge 94% of the net production. 


Regarding separators, this report is unrivaled. It covers everything from types, manufacturing process to current techniques and future techniques. Also, it also deals with trend of manufacturers, their production capacity, and market demand prospect till 2014.

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