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WW IT-Use Lithium Secondary Battery Technology Trends & Market Forecasts
  • Publishing Date : 2010-04-28
  • Published cycle : 반년
  • Page :  250p
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As NotePC, Mobile Phone, and PMP which secured the mobility, convenience, and various other functions became necessities in a daily life, the secondary cell, a key component of these devices, is becoming a key component of mobile devices as well.


Unlike the primary cell, the secondary cell is rechargeable. In particular, the lithium cell has high energy density and is advantageous to realize small size that not only various IT devices, but also the automobile industry shows interests. Hence, Displaybank has published worldwide IT-Use Secondary Cell Technology Trend and Market Forecast report which discusses IT-use secondary cell technology development trend and manufacturing process along with IT-use secondary market and maker trend.





The 2009 worldwide IT-use secondary cell market recorded $7.7B which was about 6% decrease Y/Y due to demand decrease of IT products. In 2010, the market recorded $8.5B which is 11% increase Y/Y supported by demand increases of Netbook and Mobile Phone. The market is expected to show CAGR 13% from 2009 to 2014. In terms of type, the cylindrical cell, which is primarily employed in NotePC and machine tools, is predicted to account for 18%, whereas the prismatic type, which is primarily used in Mobile Phone, will grow to 7%.







Regarding the lithium secondary cell shipment result by maker, Japan based Sanyo is expected to maintain the No.1 ranking in Q1'10 following Q4'09. The company is expected to be closely followed by Korea based SDI. Korea based LG Chem also has been showing a rapid growth since 2009 and accounts for the third largest market. It is followed by Japan based Sony and China based BYD.


This report is divided into technology and market. In the technology part, the report discusses the manufacturing technology and sub-material technology of secondary cell. In the market part, the secondary market is analyzed in various viewpoints to help readers better understand the industry.

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