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<2021> Development Status and Mid- to Long-Term Outlook for Lithium-Ion Secondary Battery Manufacturing Equipment (~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2021-09-17
  • Published cycle : Special
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<2021> Development Status and Mid- to Long-Term Outlook for Lithium-Ion Secondary Battery Manufacturing Equipment (~2030)


Recently, while the global lithium-ion secondary battery market has been gradually expanding, not only has the production line expansion of secondary battery manufacturers been rapidly increasing, but also the demand for secondary battery manufacturing equipment has been increasing accordingly.


This report examined manufacturing process, equipment properties, and others for each secondary battery type, such as pouch, cylindrical, and prismatic types. In addition, it contains the content through which you can predict how the flow of manufacturing equipment for lithium ion secondary batteries is changing and how it will change in the future, by introducing production line expansion outlooks by secondary battery main manufacturer, manufacturing equipment market size by process, equipment manufacturer status, major secondary battery makers' production capacity expansion plans, equipment companies' SCM and features, etc.




Chapter 1 describes the principles and types of secondary battery;


Chapter 2 summarizes the manufacturing process for each secondary battery shape.


Chapter 3 describes the electrode process and the characteristics of electrode equipment;


Chapter 4 explains the assembly process and the characteristics of assembly equipment;


Chapter 5 describes the formation process and the characteristics of formation equipment.


Chapter 6 shares the development trends of new technology for the manufacturing equipment;


Chapter 7 discusses secondary battery equipment manufacturers by classifying them under each process;


Chapter 8 presents market trends and outlook for the manufacturing equipment;


Chapter 9 introduces the current status of major domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers.


Chapter 10 compares equipment manufacturers in detail for each secondary battery process;


Chapter 11 looks into the outlook for capacity expansion by major secondary battery maker and into the equipment SCM.


We, SNE Research, hopes that our research on manufacturing equipment development status and equipment market outlook could be useful information for manufacturing equipment manufacturers, related parts manufacturers, and customer corporations using secondary batteries.






1. Understanding of Lithium Secondary Battery (LiB)


1.1 Principles of Secondary Battery


1.2 Advantages of Secondary Battery


1.3 Types of Secondary Battery




2. Manufacturing Process by Lithium Secondary Battery Type


2.1 Types of Electrode Structure


2.2 Pouch-Type Secondary Battery


2.3 Cylindrical Secondary Battery


2.4 Prismatic Secondary Battery


2.5 Secondary Battery Types by Manufacturer




3. Electrode Process (Common in Pouch-Type, Cylindrical, and Prismatic Batteries)


3.1 Mixing 


3.2 Coating


3.3 Pressing


3.4 Slitting


3.5 Vacuum Dry




4. Assembly Process


Pouch-Type Battery


4.1 Notching


4.2 Winding


4.3 Zigzag Stacking


4.4 Lamination & Folding/ Stacking


4.5 Tab Welding


4.6 Packaging


Cylindrical Battery


4.7 Winding


4.8 Assembly


Prismatic Battery


4.9 Winding


4.10 Assembly




5. Formation Process (Common in Pouch-Type, Cylindrical, and Prismatic Batteries)


5.1 Aging


5.2 Formation


5.3 Degassing


5.4 Folding


5.5 IR/OCV




6. Development Trends of Technology


6.1 Trends of New Electrode (Pole Plate) Process Technology


6.2 Trends of New Assembly Process Technology


6.3 Trends of New Formation Process Technology


6.4 Vision Application


6.5 Cell Tracking


6.6 Digital Transformation




7. Equipment Manufacturer of Secondary Battery


7.1 Electrode Process


7.2 Assembly Process


7.3 Formation Process


7.4 Other Equipment, Logistics, and Inspection Processes




8. Market Outlook for Manufacturing Equipment


8.1 Outlook for Secondary Battery Demand


8.2 Global Outlook for Production Capacity Expansion of Secondary Batteries


8.3 Outlook for Global Secondary Battery Production Capacity Expansion by Region


8.4 Global Outlook for Production Capacity Expansion by Major Secondary Battery Manufacturer


8.5 New Production Capacity Outlook by Year for Secondary Battery


8.6 Price Analysis on Secondary Battery Equipment


8.7 Market Size of Secondary Battery Equipment


8.8 Equipment Market Size by Secondary Battery Process




9. Equipment Company Status


 9.1 List of All Equipment Manufacturers and Their Status


  9.1.1 Domestic Listed Companies


9.1.2 Domestic Unlisted Companies and Overseas Companies




 9.2 Detailed Status of Domestic Listed Companies


9.2.1 PNT


9.2.2 CIS


9.2.3 Wonik PNE


    9.2.4 Hana Technology


9.2.5 A-Pro


9.2.6 Phil Optics


9.2.7 COWIN Tech


9.2.8 mPlus


9.2.9 Daebo Magnetic


9.2.10 V-One Tech


9.2.11 TSI


9.2.12 Nain Tech


9.2.13 DA Technology


9.2.14 NS


    9.2.15 DE&T


    9.2.16 Youil Ene-Tech (GPI)


    9.2.17 DSK


  9.2.18 DAEBO Magnetic


    9.2.19 SFA


  9.2.20 EID GE


    9.2.21 XAVIS


9.2.22 Hanwha Machine




9.3 Detailed Status of Domestic Unlisted Companies


9.3.1 Yunsung F&C


9.3.2 Jeil M&S


9.3.3 KOEM


9.3.4 Kapjin


9.3.5 Woowon Tech


9.3.6 System R&D


9.3.7 Shinjin Mtec


  9.3.8 DH


  9.3.9 DongJin


  9.3.10 BESTEC


  9.3.11 TECHLAND


  9.3.12 KGA




9.4 Detailed Status of Overseas Companies


  9.4.1 Wuxi Lead Intelligent


  9.4.2 Yinghe Technology


  9.4.3 Hirano Tecseed


  9.4.4 CHR Hanke


9.4.5 Manz


  9.4.6 Toray Engineering




10. Comparison of Equipment Maker Peer Groups by Secondary Battery Process


     10.1 Electrode (Pole Plate) Process


      10.1.1 Comparison of Mixing Process Companies


      10.1.2 Comparison of Coating-Pressing-Slitting Process Companies


10.2 Assembly Process


       10.2.1 Comparison of Cylindrical and Prismatic Assembly Process Companies


       10.2.2 Comparison of Notching and Lamination Process Companies


       10.2.3 Comparison of Stacking (Folding) Process Companies


       10.2.4 Comparison of Tab Welding and Packaging (Degassing) Process Companies


    10.3 Formation and Other Processes


       10.3.1 Comparison of Formation and Inspection Process Companies


       10.3.2 Comparison of Logistics, Automation, and Other Equipment Companies




11. Major Secondary Battery Makers' Capacity Expansion Plans, Equipment SCM, and Features


    11.1 LGES


    11.2 Samsung SDI


    11.3 SK Innovation


    11.4 CATL


    11.5 NorthVolt


    11.6 Tesla


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