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<2021> SCM Analysis and Market Outlook for LIB 4 Major Materials (~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2021-06-25
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  610p
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<2021> SCM Analysis and Market Outlook for LIB 4 Major Components (~2030)




Since Sony (Murata) first developed the lithium-ion battery in 1991, the global lithium secondary battery market has grown significantly, centered on IT devices, led by Japanese companies including Panasonic (Sanyo), Hitachi, etc. In the 2000s, Korean and Chinese companies also started joining this market one after another, and the market has currently reached KRW 40 trillion in lithium secondary batteries alone. From how ion, the explosive growth is expected especially in the electric vehicle market; additionally, the market of 4 major materials for lithium secondary batteries is also growing at the same time.




Until now, Japanese companies have led the four major lithium secondary battery component markets based on their technology; the growth trend of Chinese companies, which are latecomers, has been terrifyingly developed as the secondary battery market in China has recently grown rapidly with the growth of Korean materials companies; currently, there is fierce competition between 3 countries of Korea, China and Japan.




This report is largely divided into two sections: the market outlook for the future of lithium secondary batteries and the analysis on manufacturers of lithium secondary battery materials in Korea, China and Japan. The general discussion covered not only the market outlook for global lithium secondary batteries, including small-sized IT batteries, and mid- to large-sized batteries for electric vehicles (xEV) and Energy Storage System (ESS), but also the market forecast for lithium-ion batteries, the global and domestic market status and outlook for main materials, and domestic manufacturers and their production capacity (2015-2025) and supply (2015-2025) for each material. In the part of demand and market forecasts for the four major components of secondary batteries, the estimated values of 2030 were discussed.




In the itemized discussion for lithium-ion secondary battery (LIB) manufacturers, along with introductions of the companies, the content on their background, business status, products, and manufacturing process, related to LIBs, was analyzed. The itemized discussion was classified into each material of 4 main components; in each discussion, their history, status, and major market information were described. The LIB-related material manufacturers, analyzed in detail in this report, are a total of over 70 companies: 21 of cathode materials, 23 of anode materials, 11 of separators, and 15 of electrolytes.





Strong Points of this Report
- It is possible to understand the latest global LIB market trends and major industry trends, which include demand for 4 major components by year from 2015-2020 and performance for each company.




- It is possible to grasp material price trends and size forecasts, including demand and expansion plans for each major supplier and each secondary battery maker in the LIB 4 major component market.
- It is possible to obtain detailed information about major material producers in Korea, China, and Japan, with respect to the LIB 4 major components.
- It is possible to grasp the SCM status on the use of the 4 major components of LIB major battery makers.



- It is possible to understand in detail the changes in the shipment trend of the material industry for the last six years from 2015 to 2020.








Report Overview




Chapter 1. Trend and Outlook for the Global LIB Market (~2030)




1.1 Global LIB Market Outlook


1.2 Global Small-Sized IT LIB Market Outlook


1.3 Global Mid-Sized EV LIB Market Outlook  


1.4 Global Large-Sized ESS LIB Market Outlook




Introduction (4 Major Components)




Chapter 2. Trend and Outlook for the LIB Cathode Material Market (~2030)




2.1 Trend and Outlook for the Cathode Material Market


      2.1.1 Demand Status of Cathode Materials by Country


      2.1.2 Demand Status of Cathode Materials by Material


      2.1.3 Market Status by Supplier


2.1.4 Demand Status of Cathode Materials by LIB Maker




2.1.5 Status of Cathode Material Production Capacity


2.1.6 Demand Forecast by Material


      2.1.7 Price Trend of Cathode Materials


      2.1.8 Outlook for the Cathode Material Market Size




2.2 Status of Cathode Material Manufacturers


2.2.1 Korean Cathode Material Companies


L&F/Umicore Korea/Ecopro/Cosmo AM&T/Iljin Materials/Posco Chemical


2.2.2 Japanese Cathode Material Companies


Nichia/Sumitomo Metal Mining/Toda Kogyo/Mitsui Kinzoku/Nippon Denko


2.2.3 Chinese Cathode Material Companiesr


Reshine/Shanshan/Easpring/B&M/Pulead/XTC/ZEC/CY Lico/Ronbay(Jinhe)/Dynanonic




Chapter 3. Trend and Outlook for the LIB Anode Material Market (~2030)




    3.1 Trend and Outlook for the Anode Material Market


      3.1.1 Demand Status of Anode Materials by Country


      3.1.2 Demand Status of Anode Materials by Material


      3.1.3 Market Status by Supplier


3.1.4 Demand Status by LIB Maker




3.1.5 Outlook for Anode Material Production Capacity


3.1.6 Demand Forecast by Material


      3.1.7 Price Trend of Anode Materials


      3.1.8 Outlook for the Anode Material Market Size




3.2 Status of Anode Material Manufacturers


3.2.1 Korean Anode Material Companies


Posco Chemical/Daejoo/Aekyung/MKE/Iljin/EG/PCT


3.2.2 Japanese Anode Material Companies


     Hitachi/Mitsubishi/Nippon Carbon/JFE/Tokai Carbon/Showa Denko/Shinetsu/Kureha


3.2.3 Chinese Anode Material Companies






Chapter 4. Trend and Outlook for the LIB Separator Market (~2030)




4.1 Trend and Outlook for the Separator Market


      4.1.1 Demand Status of Separators by Country


      4.1.2 Demand Status of Separators by Material


      4.1.3 Market Status by Supplier


      4.1.4 Demand Status by LIB Maker




      4.1.5 Outlook for Separator Production Capacity


4.1.6 Demand Forecast by Material


      4.1.7 Price Trend of Separators


    4.1.8 Outlook for the Separator Market Size




4.2 Status of Separator Manufacturers


    4.2.1 Korean Separator Companies


         SK IET


   4.2.2 Japanese Separator Companies


          Ashai Kasei/Toray/Ube/Sumitomo/W-scope


   4.2.3 Chinese Separator Companies






Chapter 5. Trend and Outlook for the LIB Electrolyte Market (~2030)




    5.1 Trend and Outlook for the Electrolyte Market


      5.1.1 Demand Status of Electrolytes by Country


      5.1.2 Demand Status of Electrolytes by Application


      5.1.3 Market Status by Supplier


      5.1.4 Demand Status of Electrolytes by LIB Maker




      5.1.5 Outlook for Electrolyte Production Capacity


      5.1.6 Demand Forecast by Application


      5.1.7 Price Trend of Electrolytes


      5.1.8 Outlook for the Electrolyte Market Size




5.2 Status of Electrolyte Manufacturers


5.2.1 Korean Electrolyte Companies


Dongwha Electrolyte/Soulbrain/Enchem/SKY E&M/Foosung/Chunbo


5.2.2 Japanese Electrolyte Companies


Mitsubishi/Ube/Central glass/Tomiyama


5.2.3 Chinese Electrolyte Companies






Appendix. (Enclosure)




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