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Quarterly Market Dynamics For EV & Battery
  • Publishing Date : 2021-01-28
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Title: Quarterly Market Dynamics for EV & Battery

Electric vehicle and its battery market is one of the most dynamic market with huge growth expected. Today, there is no doubt about the growth of EV market as concerns over environmental pollution keep growing. In order to grow with the market, it is crucial to quickly grasp dynamic market changes and find business opportunities there. Our report, “Quarterly Market Dynamics for EV & Battery”, would help your company’s business grow by providing our unique market insights. This report includes the following contents:


-      Analysis of EV market by region (Europe/China/U.S./Others) in previous quarter


-      Forecast of EV market by region (Europe/China/U.S./Others) in next quarter


-      Analysis of EV battery installation by battery maker


-      Analysis of current market issue for battery and EV market


This report would be updated 4 times a year. The publication schedule will be:


-      2nd week of Feb/May/Aug/Nov: previous quarter(N-1) review & next quarter(N) outlook





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