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2020 Global LIB Separator Market and Supply-Demand Forecast (2019~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2020-07-20
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  181p
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2020 Global LIB Separator Market and Supply-Demand Forecast (~2030)




The global electric vehicle market is growing rapidly in line with the policies of each country, changes in consumer perception, and changes in industrial trends. The auto industry, which used to be a supply chain centered on internal combustion engines, is changing the paradigm of the entire industry with new electric cars, with Tesla currently leading the global market and Volkswagen and Renault-Nissan Group leading the overall market growth.


As of July 2020, the impact of COVID-19 has spread around the world, greatly affecting the global industry, and the electric vehicle and battery markets, which are spotlighted as global industries, are also slowing down a bit. Nevertheless, if current situation improves gradually, electric vehicle and battery markets are expected to see an explosive increase in demand.


Still, many people question whether the electric vehicle market will replace the existing internal combustion engine car market and whether the battery market and material market will grow as expected. But the market for electric vehicle batteries and materials has already become a trend and has the necessary conditions to form a big market: improved policies led by Europe, lower prices of electric vehicles through cost reduction, and changes in industrial trends. However, the key seems to be how soon the expected size will be formed and when the market will become large scale.


As the electric vehicle market grows, the lithium-ion battery market, which accounts for a large portion of electric vehicles, will also grow significantly, and as a result, the market for cathode, anode, electrolytes, and separator related markets (which is dealt with in this report) are expected to grow significantly. In this report, various analyses were performed from the perspective of global supply and demand of the separator market, and the relationship between supply and demand of separator by company, process, and country; future expansion plans were also summarized.


At the same time, the market was analyzed from the perspective of supply and demand, and the price-oriented separator market, such as selling price and market size, was also conducted with a focus on trends and expected changes; this all focuses on the outlook for the global separator market. In addition, we analyzed the current status of major global separator companies and the details of each company, and it would be a good opportunity to read this report in order to increase the understanding of the movements and business status of separator companies.




 Table of Contents




1. Global Battery Market Forecast (~2030) : COVID-19 applied --------- 6


1.1 Global Battery Market - Demand Total


1.2 Global Battery Market  -  Demand By Application (Small)


1.3 Global Battery Market  - Demand By Application (xEV)


1.4 Global Battery Market  - Demand By Application (ESS)




2. Global Separator Demand Forecast (~2030) : COVID-19 applied -------- 14


2.1 Demand Calculation Theory  - Overall (Small/xEV/ESS)


2.2 Global Separator Demand  - Overall Market


2.3 Global Separator Demand - By Cell Type


2.4 Demand Calculation Theory - By Process (Dry/Wet)


2.5 Global Separator Demand - By Process (Dry/Wet)


2.6 LIB Separator Demand Forecast - By Application (Small/xEV/ESS)


2.7 LIB Separator Demand Forecast - By Battery Company (Small/xEV/ESS)




3. Global Separator Supply Forecast (~2030) --------------------------- 58


3.1 Global Separator Supply Forecast - Overall Market_Full Capa.


3.2 Global Separator Supply Forecast - By Country/Process_Full Capa.


3.3 Global Separator Supply Forecast - Overall Market_Actual Capa.


3.4 Global Separator Supply Forecast - By Country/Process_Actual Capa.




4. Expansion Forecast by Separator Company (~2030) ----------------------------81


4.1 Expansion by Separator Company - Overall Market (Dry+Wet)


4.2 Expansion by Separator Company - Forecast by Company (China/Global)


4.3 Expansion by Separator Company - Global Wet Market


4.4 Expansion by Separator Company - Global Dry Market


4.5 Summary of Separator Expansion - Detailed Expansion Plan by Company




5. Mid Long-term Forecasts for Supply-Demand of Separators (~2030) --------- 128


5.1 Forecasts for Separators - Available Supply-Demand Analysis of Top Tier


5.2 Mid Long-term Forecasts for Separators - Overall Market (Dry+Wet)


5.3 Mid Long-term Forecasts for Separators - Wet Market Supply-Demand


5.4 Mid Long-term Forecasts for Separators - Dry Market Supply-Demand




6. Separator Price and Market Size Forecast (~2030) ------------------- 139


6.1 Overview of Mid Long-term Forecasts for Separator Price


6.2 Mid Long-term Forecasts for Separator Price - Dry Market


6.3 Mid Long-term Forecasts for Separator Price - Wet Market


6.4 Mid Long-term Forecasts for Separator Price - By Application (xEV/Small/ESS)


6.5 Separator Market Size Forecast - Overview


6.6 Separator Market Size Forecast - Based on Amount (Total/Region/Process)




7. Global Major Separator Companies Status ------------------------------ 152


7.1 Global Major Separator Companies Status - Overview


7.2 Global Major Separator Companies Status - By Top10 Companies


 1) Asahi Kasei


 2) Toray


 3) Sumitomo


 4) W-scope


 5) SK ie technology


 6) SEM Corp


 7) Senior Tech


 8) CZMZ


 9) Green (Zhongke)


10) Newmi




---------------------------------------------------------- 173


1) Global Separator Supply Status and Supply Chain


2) Current Status of the Use of Separators by Battery Companies in China


3) Current Status of Battery and Separator Companies in China


4) Key Status of Chinese Separator Companies




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