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<2020> Analysis and Forecast of Electric Vehicle Market in India (~2030)
  • Publishing Date : 2020-06-11
  • Published cycle : Special
  • Page :  52p

<2020> Analysis and Forecast of Electric Vehicle Market in India  (~2030) 



Worldwide, more and more countries are implementing policies to expand electric vehicles. In particular, European countries are leading the way in converting to electric vehicles. Finland has a target of 250,000 electric vehicles in 2030, while France and Britain plan to completely switch to electric vehicles by 2040. China has also been accelerating efforts to replace oil and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles. The Indian government has also decided to gradually switch to electric vehicles by 2030.



India’s auto industry is currently the fifth largest market in the world and aims to become third by 2030. India’s mobility requirements are expected to change drastically as past transportation means and groundwork are not sufficient to meet the demands of more than 1.3 billion people. Recognizing this situation, the Indian government and public companies are trying to build infrastructure and manufacture for electric vehicles; the private sector is also investing in manufacturing and installing electric vehicle infrastructure, including charging and battery exchange technologies.



This report analyzes the main factors and various trends leading the growth of India’s electric vehicle market and provides forecasts for the Indian electric vehicle market as well. Adding on, this report analyzes various types of electric vehicles such as two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles in India’s electric vehicle market. Lastly, it looks at the competition strategies of major players in the Indian electric vehicle market.




1. Preface


2. Status and Market Overview of India’s Automotive Industry


3. India’s Electric Vehicle Policy


4. Analysis and Forecast of Electric Vehicle Market in India


5. Analysis and Forecast of Electric Vehicle Market in India by Type


6. Analysis and Forecast of Electric Passenger Vehicle Market in India


7. Analysis and Forecast of Electric Commercial Vehicle Market in India


8. Analysis and Forecast of Electric Vehicle Battery Market in India


9. Company Overview in India’s Electric Vehicle Market



10. Major Implications





Appendix. India’s Electric Vehicle Charger Market

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